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Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Practice 
If you've been curious about meditation, hesitant to try it, or think it's not for you, this may be your class!  Here, we'll learn about the purpose of meditation and begin to experience its benefits. In a safe atmosphere, we'll meditate a little at a time, until entering your own zone of stillness becomes much easier than you think.   5 Friday sessions. Dates to be announced.

Off the Back Burner: Self Care for Women (Excellent for Teachers!)
Women spend a good deal of their time caring for others, often at the expense of their own well being.  This class will help you identify and practice techniques that will provide more balance in your life while supporting change and growth.  Topics will include: examining priorities, relaxation techniques, faith and prayer, the basics of good nutrition and being physically active, positive psychology, and the benefits of an "attitude of gratitiude".  5 sessions. 20% Discount for Teachers! Dates:  Scheduling details to follow.

Conscious Dating Series:  
Making an authentic connection requires less superficial game playing, and more interacting from a place of realness.  The "rules" of this type of dating are contrary to  what most of us have learned about this interesting, complex and often drama-filled dance.  Join us, and try on some new "rules."  Your future may thank you.  Scheduling details to follow

How to be an Adult in Relationship(s)
Bringing our adult selves into our relationships does not automatically come with age.  Oftentimes, our inner (and outer) child takes over, unknowingly and unconsciously trying to get unmet childhood needs fulfilled.  When unrecognized, this almost always sabotages a relationship, leaving us right where we began, alone...again.  This series will focus on learning to identify unmet childhood needs, seeing how they are played out in relationships, and developing alternate ways of healing ourselves.  Waiting for a partner to "complete us" is a sure sign that we need completion.  This is an inside job and one which only we can successfully accomplish through personal, inner work. Scheduling details for this series to follow.

Simplify Your Life
Radical De-Cluttering
:  Let go and have more

A 2 part workshop/coaching session devoted to clearing out, cleaning up and letting go.  Based on our "5 Approaches to Extreme De-Cluttering" (Montclair Times, July 31, 2008), you will be motivated to release yourself from the cumulative weight of your stuff.  If your closets, drawers, basements, attics, car trunks and minds have become warehouses for stagnant energy and ideas, you are invited to view your possessions (even  time and habits) and your tendency to "hold on" in a whole new way.  Experience this De-Cluttering Immersion and open yourself up to a greater flow of ease, abundance and a life that simply works more efficiently. Scheduling details to follow.

The 100 Thing Challenge
Time Magazine June '08
After the De-Cluttering Process, if you would like to go even further with your commitment to simplify your life, take the "100 Thing Challenge." Yes....100 things.  See how willing you are to mindfully reduce your possessions to 100 items (or at least categories).  It's fun, eye opening and may very well help set you on a course of living more peacefully and freely.  Feel inspired and supported!   Scheduling details to follow.

The Journey from Abandonment to Healing
Turn the end of a relationship into the beginning of a new life...and love

Based on the  extensive work of Susan Anderson and others, this series will take participants through the stages of abandonment to the recovery phase and beyond.  Whether you were the one who was left, dumped, or just phased out, or the one who did the leaving, the emotional consequences of unwanted separation can be devastating. Take heart, there is a "map" which offers not only a way back to your life, but also offers a way ahead.  Healing the past relationship(s) will have a direct effect on how you enter the next one.  Lecture, individual exercises and workbook.  Scheduling details to follow.

Mid-Life: Meltdown or Miracle?
We can approach mid-life with fearful uncertainty, expecting to ride out this phase of life with resignation that our best years are behind us, or we can open to the possibility that this time of wisdom and reflection can take us to unexpected places of grace, productivity and satisfaction.  Based on the writings of Marianne Williamson, NY Times best selling author and lecturer, this course will focus on positive reframing of this "miraculous" life transition.  Each participant will receive a signed copy of Marianne Williamson's latest book, "The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Mid-Life", included with fee.   Scheduling details to follow.
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