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Relationship Counseling

What Can I/We Expect From Couples Counseling?

If you're looking at this page, it may well be because you or you and your partner are going through a challenging time.  Maybe emotional distance has crept in. No clear cut starting point, just a gradual decline in the closeness you once shared.  Or maybe boredom has set in.  Or perhaps your relationship has encountered a crisis...  health, finances, addiction, childraising differences, in-laws, death of a loved one, unemployment, changing values.  Or perhaps still, infidelity has breeched the boundary of your marriage or partnership.
If any of these situations describe your current challenge, couples counseling may help.

Getting Started

We know that every problem has a beginning, and every beginning has a reason.  In a consultation appointment, we'll sit down together and systematically go over how things got to this point.  We're trained to help you have this conversation in a productive manner, keeping blame and defensiveness to a minimum. We'll help you move things along in a straight line instead of talking in circles.  We'll cover important ground, give each of you the room to be heard and then come up with a plan of action. You will learn the tools that will help you to communicate more effectively. Most couples tell us that they find this initial step the most valuable in setting a positive, collaborative working tone. Many use words like "validating," "non-threatening," and "fair."

What If I/We Think We Want To End The Relationship?

Because we believe that how a relationship ends is just as important as how it began, we are here to walk you through this process.  Letting go is difficult for most of us, let's face it. But if you are going to separate in the best way possible, it's going to take some effort. Otherwise, the"unfinished business" of this relationship will likely follow you into your future, and that's additional baggage both of you can live without.  Of course if children are involved, you will want to go to every length to ensure their emotional safety and wellbeing through your co-parenting.

So, whether it's picking up the pieces after a broken relationship, saying good bye to one that has given all it can to you, or working to strengthen the one you are in, The Psychotherapy Center for Intentional Living is here to listen....and help.  Call us. 973 744 4884. 

Not sure if couples'counseling is what you need?  Why not write us a brief summary of wht's going on, let us know your question(s), and we'll try to answer them and offer our thoughts as best we can.

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