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MEDITATION 101:  Lean to Relax and De-Stress  

Do you constantly feel rushed or pressured? Does it seem like you're always playing catch up with your "to do" list but never quite feel satisfied within?

Well, if you've ever told yourself to relax but don't quite know how to do it, this just might be the class for you!  Meditation is the ancient practice of quieting the mind and experiencing an inner stillness and peace. "Impossible!" you say. "Never going to happen!" "I'm too busy to be still. And besides, who has that kind of time to waste, just doing nothing?" If this sounds like you, you are a perfect candidate for meditation.

Meditation is the practice and the process of learning to be in the moment. When you stop and think about it, most people are seldom in the present moment. We're either stuck somewhere in the past or worrying about the future. We're busy, focused on what we need to do next. We rush, get distracted, skip ahead, and oftentimes miss out on the "now."  When you meditate, a few things begin to happen, almost without your noticing at first. Your thoughts stop racing. Your senses become more attuned. Your mind quiets down (even if you think it never will), and you gradually but certainly experience a level of peacefulness and well being.  You tend to make decisions and choices that are driven less by anxiety, pressure and fear, and more by an inner centeredness and stability. It's a nice way to feel. Actually, it's a profound way to feel. Come, and find out for yourself.

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