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LGBT Spoken Here

"Marriage. Partnership. Wife/Wife. Husband/Wife. Husband/Husband. Babe. Lover. Spouse. Single. Significant Other. SoulMate. Searching. Girlfriend. Domestic Partner. Boyfriend. Civil Unioned. Friend for Life. Pookie. The One I Want To Grow Old With."

However you define your self or your relationship, if you need help from someone who understands your journey, we welcome the opportunity to support you.

We know that same sex relationships have everything that heterosexual ones do.  And more.  The uphill struggle for equality (we're gaining!), the introspection, the coming out, the family's reaction, ex's, and judgement.

We've helped many clients through their self-realization journey through their coming out process. We've worked with family members as they've struggled to embrace a beloved son's or daughter's sexual orientation.  We've understood the special circumstances that arise when a child learns that a parent is gay or lesbian.

We honor your desire to live authentically.  We recognize that self doubt and confusion sometimes surface along the way.

Fear of fully embacing who you are comes in all disguises.  When you're ready, we're here to help you sort out whatever it is that keeps you from shining.  Whether your challenge centers around being 100% authentic in your individual life, or the health and depth of your relationship, we are here to empower, support and cheer you on.

We've got lots of experience and even more enthusiasm for the you that is inside, waiting to be expressed.

Here's to your brilliance!

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