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Intentional Living

Intentional Living is, simply put, living on purpose.  While much of life is lived on "auto-pilot," living with intention is another way of approaching life.  It involves learning to become more psychologically and spiritually awake, alert and emotionally available to one's own inner workings, while naturally becoming more attuned to all other aspects of life.  As greater self awareness is cultivated, it is reflected in a life that simply works better: better choices, more authentic relationships, deeper connections.

At The Psychotherapy Center for Intentional Living, emphasis is placed on getting the most from, and giving the most to, the present moment.  Rather than rushing ahead (living anxiously), or clinging to the past (living depressively), learning to live in the now opens the door to creating previously unforeseen opportunities. 

We welcome the chance to accompany you through this doorway and to achieve, together, the life experience we all desire and deserve: one that is more balanced, more peaceful, more satisfying and more meaningful.
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