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EFT Tapping

Are you tired of feeling stressed all the time?  Has overwhelm become the norm for you? 
If so, relief is possible. And it's possible sooner than you think.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
is a leading edge effective, practical and simple tool that combines the principles of ancient
Chinese acupuncture and modern Western Psychology to reduce psychological and energetic blocks. Trapped or blocked energy manifests in many ways that are not conducive to health. Physical symptoms, emotional resistance, addictions and unhealthy behavior patterns are often the result. In fact, no where is the mind-body connection more evident than in the effects of stress on the body.

EFT, referred to as "accupuncture without needles," is a technique that utilizes gentle tapping on parts of the face and body while focusing on the particular issue you're working on. Easy to apply, EFT is fast becoming a widely popular and highly sought after psychological approach to health and healing. 

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