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Are you unhappy with where you are in your life?
Do you find yourself saying "this isn't where I thought I would be"?

Maybe you are unsure about the course you want to take.  Or perhaps a life changing event, such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one or an illness, has left you wanting to reevalute where you are headed in your life.  Maybe  you are just aware of being dissatisfied or unfulfilled emotionally, spiritually, or professionally but don't know why or what the next steps should be to make changes.
Call us.
A consultation will tell us both a lot. 
Usually within the first session or two, we'll be able to identify what the main issues are. We'll then make some recommendations on how to best proceed.
Our overall approach is designed to get to the core of the problem, whatever it is, in the quickest way possible.  We're able to accomplish this in three ways, 1) by being highly interactive with you, 2) by keeping things on target and 3), by tracking progress.  Our clients often tell us that our way of working is interesting, rewarding, non-threatening and surprisingly enjoyable. (That's why so many of our clients honor us by referring their friends and loved ones).  Most importantly to us, people gain greater clarity about their situation.  And we know that when we're clearer about what we think and feel, we make better decisions.  Life just works better.

So, we're here if what you need is individual therapy or couples counseling. We're here even if you're not sure, but just want to talk. 

We also offer what we think are interesting and dynamic personal empowerment classes and workshops that can jump start your commitment to wholeness. 

So, take a look around our site and see if anything interests you. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you by email or phone, anytime!
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Start your new path in life and be the change today!